1.The development process of round office system

The economic shape is very much following the studies and result professor  grand jeans made regarding the human being working.
The traditional office furniture which has been created of rectangular and square rooms  has very often had its complications when it comes to open offices .the open landscape was meant to make communication easier.

2.The Main in Center

The open office landscape has played revolutionary  roll in the individual person advantages in a company. Without doubt the open landscape has meant a big step in the democratic within companies.
A lot of research and studying  has been made around  the four  function. Light , sound ,air and layout . very few ergonomic studies has been made  around the technical  and functional demands.

3.Take a look at these two pictures here in a nutshell . you have the reason  why is better to work at around table rather than a conventional  straight one.  At a round table you are right at the center of the things. Without having to get up from your chair you can reach practically every part of your working surface .everything you need your routine work  is conveniently close to hand .

4.Picture 2 show round office construction can provide more working place and save place at the same time. A simple glance on picture 1 show very clearly that square or rectangular table has a lot  of  “dead space”. Which cannot be used for the other  things than storages.

5.Is it expensive?
On the contrary!
Round office save space and space means money

With Round Office:

- 25 % more places in an open plan office.
- Or 25 % more space = working better atmosphere.
- Or 25 % smaller premises = lower rent.




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